Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lesser Known Historical Speeches

1) December 19th, 1945: Harry Truman delivers his controversial, "I bombed Japan just to impress this girl I like" speech on the White House lawn.

2) August 30th, 1977: McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc gets half-way through his, "McDonald's is made of people" speech before he is knocked unconscious by his financial advisor.

3) June 1st, 1960: Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Fuck this shit, I give up" sermon in Mobile, Alabama.

4) March 3rd, 24AD: Jesus Christ's "I know this is going to sound crazy, but here me out" speech to his buddy Dane.

5) October 22nd, 1778: George Washington writes a rough draft of his speech to the British army, entitled "A Compromise: You keep the colonies, I get to be puppet-dictator for life" before reconsidering, and throwing it in the trash.

6) January 18th, 1981: Bob Dylan gives his confessional, "I stole all my song lyrics from a hobo I killed" speech to his dog, Dusty.

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