Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rarely Cited State Laws

1) New Jersey: It is illegal not to mention that you're from here to everyone you meet, regardless of how long you've known them.

2) Washington: If you own more than one house, you may connect your properties via personal monorail at the tax payer's expense.

3) Florida: People with ponytails are required to shower no more than twice per week.

4) Ohio: Oh, you don't want to know this one.

5) South Carolina: You may not drive any faster, or slower, than 48 miles per hour.

6) Iowa: If you suspect your neighbor is an alien, you are legally allowed to anally probe them without a warrant.

7) Maryland: Any property with more than one painting on the walls is an officially recognized museum.

8) Michigan: No one is allowed to question this law.

9) Vermont: Legally speaking, all of your bowel movements are taxable assets.

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Joosh said...

Maine has no strange laws, just strange people.

(Ironically, the "word verification" thing below wants me to type 'lawption'. I think that's hilarious)