Sunday, November 16, 2008

Top 12 State Mottos

1) Georgia: You can see beautiful, sunny Florida from our border.

2) Montana: Not named after the quarterback, but he's probably flown over here before.

3) Colorado: Some kid from your second grade class moved here.

4) California: As seen on TV.

5) New York: Named after the popular city.

6) Utah: Now accepting US currency.

7) Virginia: Where all your wildest dream come true... as long as they're all about driving a long distance to eat at a crowded Cracker Barrel.

8) Indiana: What's the worst that could happen?

9) Arizona: No, that's New Mexico you're looking at. Move your finger over a bit.

10) Delaware: Home of The University of Delaware.

11) North Dakota: If you heard about our many tourist attractions, you heard wrong.

12) Texas: Everything's bigger in Texas. Especially the shame of living here.


Tony Malinauskas said...

Washington: You're about to hit Canada! Turn back before it's too late!

Kansas: It's either us or Nebraska.

Mississippi: If the South ever rises again, we got dibs on the capital.

Alabama: Will give state funding to colleges that can consistently beat Auburn.

Joosh said...

Any suggestions for Maine?

Eric Nolle said...

Maine: A great place to live if you love cold weather, and hate yourself.