Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 8 Most Important Aspects Of A Successful Punk Song

1) Mention how consumerism is dumb. Trust me, it sells records.

2) You don't care what anyone thinks about your music. Make sure they're aware of it.

3) If at all possible, yell the same three words at least ten times in a row.

4) Highlight how different the punk scene is from other groups by talking about how much you drink. After all, no one else drinks.

5) Taxi Driver is a cool movie. Maybe throw in a reference to it somewhere in the middle of the song.

6) Have the guy with all the tattoos sing, the guy wearing the tie play drums, and the guy who never smiles on the bass.

7) Punk music is very serious. If you aren't taking yourselves too seriously, you will let down your fans.

8) Sing about how you're opposed to war. Most people love war, so it's nice to take an unpopular stand that will make them think.

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Tony Malinauskas said...

9)You're going to have to choose between practicing and figuring out your gig outfit; keep in mind that you never hear any girls going "Ooooh his technique is so sexy!"
10)Make sure you wear punk-approved skate shoes, to show how rebellious you are.