Sunday, December 21, 2008

Five Actual Tom Petty Lyrics, and Two Made Up Lyrics

1) Some things are over, some things go on.

2) It's alright if you love me, it's alright if you don't.

3) He's a self-made man, he did it on his own.

4) We were young, not yet old.

5) You're for me, I'm for you.

6) But what comes up must come down.

7) You got me babe, I got you.


Joosh said...

So are all his songs only 1/2 written, then treated as a cause and effect, or mirrored?

Eric Nolle said...

It's a pattern you see in his lyrics. You don't have to search long to find it.

Tony Malinauskas said...

This isn't by Tom Petty, but it is worth repeating here:

"So, you're leaving. I can tell, because I can see you leaving."