Monday, December 15, 2008

Presidentially Declared "Days of Infamy"

1) December 7th, 1941: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

2) April 13th, 1823: James Monroe's wife makes his turkey sandwich with mayonnaise instead of mustard.

3) September 22nd, 1968: LBJ's best friend, Frank, borrows the president's golf clubs without asking first.

4) March 18th, 1872: A DC area bartender won't accept Grant's twenty dollar bill because it's, "too crinkled."

5) January 30th, 1992: Bush's dry cleaner loses the president's favorite pair of slacks.


Tony Malinauskas said...

6)January 3rd, 1861: An intoxicated Abraham Lincoln calls Robert E. Lee's wife fat, Lee decides to fight for South.

Joosh said...

April 13th? That's my dad's birthday...